The Champlain Hudson Power Express® will fuel local economies from the North Country of New York all the way to the five boroughs of New York City. This $6B project will be one of the largest investments in New York state history and create more than 2,000 jobs during construction. From the beginning of construction through the first 30 years of operation, CHPE will deliver $49.5 billion in economic benefits to New York state.

Decreased wholesale electricity costs forecasted to save New Yorkers $17.3 billion statewide over 30 years.

CHPE will create $1.6 billion in economic output in the State of New York from the line’s construction, and an additional $21.4 billion during its first 25 years of operations.

By reducing CO2 emissions, CHPE will create an estimated $23.2 billion in benefits.

Localities will benefit from approximately $1.4 billion in new tax revenue over the first 25 years of the project.

More than 1,400 well-paying jobs across New York State with a commitment to utilizing union labor.